Cubase 11 - Export Queue issue - silent on filename conflicts

New Export Queue is great, but I met something unpleasant;

  1. Selected multiple tracks in Channel Selection list.
  2. Selected one region in Export Range list.
  3. Option “Conflicts” is set to “Always Ask
  4. Added to Queue.
    Result is that there wasn’t message with confirmation that some of filenames already exist and Cubase created files with new/unique names: filename-01.wav. I suppose even it’s queue job Cubase should create unique names only if “Conflicts” is set to “Create Unique File Name”.


This is by specification. already discussed here on the forum.

I better jump in here as I struggled with this as well because I didn’t realize you don’t HAVE to use the Export Queue. If you don’t, “Always Ask” works as it should.

Okay, if it is logic by specification, then no doubts it’s okay :slight_smile:
So if I export some 20 stems I should choose Overwrite to have the output as it was previous export times. And, if I need some exports to hold I need them copied to another place.
Sorry, I didn’t read specification on new features. A little busy on composing :slight_smile:

Hello @Martin.Jirsak could you please post the link about this specification? I would be interested to see some more details :slight_smile:

@Martin.Jirsak, maybe it would be better to have an option in Preferences - On Queue use the same logic and if specified “Ask…” for overwrite, don’t make unique names? Otherwise it’s a bit weird - left hand don’t know what right does :slight_smile:


Here it is described in the manual.

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So here it is

The current naming scheme is used for the exported audio files and the conflicts setting is automatically set to Create Unique File Name, that is, a number is added to each exported file.

Hmm, but why?
What is the reason to ignore settings already set in the same window for the same project? i miss here a logical explanation. After a huge amount of mixes and exports there will be total mismatch of 01, 02, 03, etc files. I get this yesterday and I really don’t like even it’s dry described or not.


How is your Naming Scheme set up, please?

It’s default - Name + Channel Number + Channel Name + Cycle Marker Name.
But how it’s important? Names are unique in a project.

Maybe it would be great to have a Mixdown folder different and specified for each queue? Let’s say we can choose project mixdown and write a little additional subfolder.

But also in my opinion queues should respect settings as it is in non-queue export.

@Martin.Jirsak, sorry, I didn’t understood how it’s working.
I can select Project Mixdown folder and then click on it and manage unique subfolder for current mix version. Then there won’t be any conflicts and I will be happy :slight_smile:

But anyway I think queue feature should respect settings. Otherwise they should be greyed out/disabled.

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