Cubase 11- Feature Request- Midi editor multiple channel window

Is it possible to keep only one Midi editor window open?

Create a 4 part harmony with strings for example, when working on the Cello double click will open one window, than double click when all 4 parts are selected will open another window etc… will result 5 midi editor windows.
So is it possible to stay with only one?

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This is possible already. Disable the Editor Content Follows Event Selection option in the Preferences, please.

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Wow you’re on it
Thanks a lot man !

I have that option toggled on and i have only one midi editor window open that will display whatever region is selected in the arrangement window.
Never seen Cubase opening multiple midi editor windows actually


As written, disable the option, please.

as i said i can’t replicate the OP issue, turning that option on or off is not making any difference on how many midi editor windows are opened when double clicking on selected region in the project window.
in my case i always get. one one midi editor window open, and that’s how i actually want it to be.
there must be some other setting that causes that behaviour


It always opens one Key Editor once you double-click. And the Editor contains the MIDI Events of currently selected MIDI Parts.

The feature is, if you already have the Key Editor open and you double click to other MIDI Part, the content of the currently opened HKy Editor doesn’t change. A new Key Editor with the currently selection opens instead. Then you have 2 Hey Editors open.

I’ll re-explain myself.

I want to have only 1 midi editor view any time.
I want to double click on a midi/several midi events and the midi editor window to be modified due the selected events.

Now any double click will create a new window and meanwhile I have a lot of windows.

Martin, thanks for explaining, i understand now. But having the option off for me gives multiple windows (what the OP doesn’t want), having the option on keeps only one window open.
At least this is how it’s working for me.

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Then disable the preferences, I mentioned, please.

Its the opposite, I need to enable this for it to work.
It was disabled before, with it ON its working like I want.

Thanks a lot :smiley:

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