Cubase 11 Folder track behaviours

I know that there are posts about folder track, but as I did not find answer to my problem in existing posts I decided to open a subject.
The problem I encounter for several years is soloing/muting the tracks that a folder contains. The behaviour is fairly inconsistent, i.e. if I have tracks grouped in folders clicking on “solo” on some of them solos the contained tracks, in others solos only a folder itself but the contained tracks are ignored. For small projects this is just a nuisance, but for projects containing hundreds of tracks it is a tiring waste of time.
Anybody here encountered such a problem and came up with an explanation and a solution?
If yes, please, let me know.


Could you please attach a sample project, where this is reproducible?

Not at the moment. The project I work on now is huge, contains many audio and midi tracks so sending it will be difficult, but I can describe the case. I have created 5 folders and put respective tracks in them. In four cases clicking on solo or mute of the folder track solos or mutes contained tracks, in the fifth case is does not work. So I did a few experiments and found that this is somehow related to tracks themselves. To make a long story short these tracks could not be muted or soloed whether they were put in a folder or linked by a VCA track. In case of VCA it controlled volumes but not solo/mute. More interesting, linking these tracks to other VCA working correctly for other tracks did not change anything, volumes worked, solo/mute did not. Now, linking the working tracks to the “not working” VCA made all working correctly. Conclusion, there is something wrong with tracks, not folders or VCAs. As I do not have much time at the moment to continue investigation I found a workaround for these particular tracks (VCA with some extra parameters), but once the project is finished I will get back to the problem, clean it and try to find its source. The tracks in question are audio, but it also happened for midi tracks.

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