Cubase 11 freezing on startup

No settings changed, but one day it just started freezing on startup. I have to delete my preferences and set my ASIO driver again and everything is fine.

It’s annoying because I have to do this on every boot.

The freeze doesn’t seem to create dump files very often. I have one from before Christmas, despite there being crashes on every boot for months now.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you on Mac or Windows?

If you are on Windows, try to reinstall Cubase and make sure you install it as administrator, please.

Does not fix the problem. Weirdly enough the problem resolved itself over time about a month ago - again, no settings changes or added VSTs. I use this program to practice bass guitar and record covers very rarely, so settings do not fundamentally change and I’m not adding anything in. This is a bug with Cubase 11. I do not want to pay for an update.