Cubase 11 having playback issues

i lately have issues with playback in cubase, whenever i press play, midi signals are being sent to the plugins, but in the wrong notes, also, audio files are just silent. this is a cross-project problem. if you have any solutions or questions to better understand the issue, im all ears!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What do you mean, please?

How is your Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs and Control Room setup, please?

whenever i play midi, lets say for example i play c4 d4 e4 d4 f4
it wont play that, its going to play something like c1 f6 d4 f5 c3.
its completely random, and playback of audio files doesn’t even register in the mixer or anything.
my audio outputs are correct, i can hear midi, but its all messed up. audio files dont play at all.


You can’t hear MIDI, it’s just data. The MIDI data have to be routed somewhere, what generates the sound. Where are your MIDI data routed to?

Do you use any MIDI Insert?