Cubase 11 - Import multiple Audio files overlaps existing audio tracks

Would be possible to have an option to always append or insert newly imported files rather than “overwriting” existing tracks?

The reason is:
Every time I import more than one track at once in Cubase (for example stems) my project gets always in a messy state because the program, after asking if I want to put the files on Separate Tracks, will start adding the new Audio files in the currently selected track and reusing every audio track it encounters (and of course overlapping the events).

I do not see any reason why a user would want to overlap events in the same track so this behavior when importing tracks is kinda weird.

my project has 3 tracks and the second is selected

1 - Existing Audio1
2 - Existing Audio2 -> my selection is here
3- Existing Audio3

and I import 4 extra track now the result is

1 - Existing Audio1
2 - Existing Audio2 -> overlapping events
3 - Existing Audio3 -> overlapping events
4 - New Track 3
5 - New Track 4

( result is 5 tracks instead of 7 because the first 2 imported files overlapped track 2 and 3!)

Afterwards if I drag back the misplaced events at the bottom to create new tracks these will be not named as the file name but will have the default Audio(x) name.

Can we improve this workflow a bit please?

I think your easiest solution (rather than waiting for Steinberg to rewrite the programme ) is to create a new audio track at the bottom before you start importing files - then at least it will create new tracks that don’t have anything already on them.

Yeah well, thanks for your suggestion that’s what I do in fact when I remember it!
My point is that this should not happen at all and it is totally unacceptable on a professional software that costs 800$+.

I am not a music producer and I buy Cubase because making music it’s my hobby, my real job is tool programmer and I can assure you that an issue like this does not require AT ALL to rewrite the software it would be rather a simple change to avoid longer iteration time.

As users we must request this stuff instead to bend ourselves to workarounds .
Yes in the meantime we go trough any sort of hoops to prevent our project to explode but imagine you press delete on a track and there is no undo, you export a track and doesn’t tell you that you are overwriting an existing file or stuff like this, would you complain with the ppl SB or force yourself not to make mistakes?