Cubase 11 Installer: How to choose where to install VSTs?

Everyone knows that managing the VST libraries across different folders is a nightmare. I just built a new computer and want to start fresh with a good VST folder strategy. Last night I installed Cubase 11 but the installer never asked me where to install the VSTs. I searched for install folder options but could not find any. I see that it installed them in a unique Steinberg folder (C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins) but I want to install them in a different folder (C:\AllVST\VST_64\64Main\Steinberg). How can I choose to install these VSTs in my desired location instead of the default location? Thanks.

there is an extra tool to manage your Steinberg libraries… it’s called the Steinbaerg Library Manager and you should not move the VST3 files

It is available in the Download Manager or here

for VST2 you can move the dll files by hand wherever you want them and can set up this location as VST2 location in the plug in manager

Thank you for the replies. I will look into the Library Manager app.

I set up my Steinberg Library on a different SSD than the C drive. In fact, ALL the sound files for anything Steinberg is in the originally created
(at point of install) Steinberg file, ‘VST Sound’ - I simply moved it from the C drive when I installed Cubase 6.5 years ago and expanded it as I went forward. With all the various sound files contained currently it contains 84G. This is really nothing I need on my C drive and Cubase functions perfectly fine with the files on another drive. I know that there are many ppl here who think you should leave it on your C drive but I don’t agree. I have other VST instruments, too, Waves, Kontakt, UVI, iK Media, and all these sound files not on the C drive. Everything functions as you would expect. I think the C drive is for programs and that’s where they belong, but the sound files, no. I direct the programs to the sound files and they load without a hitch.

As to VST 2 files, I have maybe 5 (total) VST 2.4 plugins or instruments, updates I can’t control, but they work. No J-Bridge or anything like that. Also, when I load a new program, I load only the VST3 version and skip the rest. iZotope is one company that does something different here though, so be aware. They actually install .dll files that somehow support the VST3 programs. If you remove the .dll files here the VST3 programs won’t work. Yep, in my quest for a more organized plugin assortment, I’ve removed anything that wasn’t VST3 64bit. The payoff is a fast-loading instrument or plugin; there are no plugins listed under the ‘Blocklist’ tab.

Anyway, I’m droning on but I think you are wise to be looking at organizing your sound files.

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The library manager can assist with installing the libraries… you can set a default installation path for the content files, this is a folder where all the content files get moved to… only the plug-in itself get’s installed in the system default folders and there is no need for changing this…