Cubase 11 is not as fast as Cubase 10

Hi everyone,
Ive had a search for this issue on the forums but not found anything so I’ve started a new topic. I hope that’s okay
I recently upgraded to Cubase 11 from 10.5
On first glance everything looked fine but when i loaded a old project created in version 10 it wasn’t running smoothly. The system performance would hit red after every bar

I had similar issues when using 10.5 so i stoped using it and carried on with version 10.
Since owning 10.5 ive not used it at all as i found it to be really glitchy and felt like a wasted my money

I recently got seduced into upgrading to 11 with the the new features, especially the sampler now becoming usable with the groundbreaking new slice feature.

Unfortunately, version 11 is also not running as smoothly as version 10 on my MacBook pro
I have 16GB ram and its an intel quad core i7
Im using an Apollo twin quad audio interface

As i mentioned, version 10 runs perfectly and my projects are huge with over 100 channels and lots or 3rd party plugins… but projects smaller then these with only a few plugins seems to be glitching at random times. Ive done all the usually things like adjusting the buffer size and setting the ASIO guard

Some other things ive noticed are:

  • The system buffer floats at around 50% but then goes to 100% when i use the key editor in full screen
  • The projects take a lot longer to load… Sometime 4 times longer to load then in version 10
  • Nexus VST Instrument plays a couple of random notes as soon as the project loads

I hope all this is fixable in the next build as I would like to use the features in version 11
If not then i don’t think ill be able to use it and will carry on using 10
Is it possible to get my money back?