Cubase 11 keeps on crashing (Help)

Is there are utility to transfer cubase Project file to another Daw?
I know there use to be one sometime ago. I have searched the internet and can’t seem to find it.

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A simple answer is, there is no such a tool.

It depends, what kind of projects you are working on. There are some export/import options (AAF, OMF, MIDI), which help in some use cases.

I can’t get in and when I do it crashes.
Now it is asking for licensebut the Elicencer is plugged in
One thing I noticed is that the elicencer stops blinking when cubase freezes or it just goes off completely.

These are projects in different states, some with vocals and some with just projects.

A couple of quick ideas to maybe get you back to be able to start Cubase:

  • trash the preferences folder (search forum for details)
  • uninstall Cubase, trash the preferences and then make a fresh install of Cubase

I have done that about 20 times literally, elicenser software and cubase.
(%appdata%/Steinberg) still crashes.


Try to backup and trash all Cubase versions preferences folders, please.

I only have one version of Cubase on this machine. I have uninstalled Cubase and trashed all the folders in (%appdata%/Steinberg) and start fresh.

I am thinking it must be the copy protection that is the causing the issue. The light goes off the dongle or freezes on the dongle.
Scanning the elicencer sometimes can be a problem scanning. I know Steinberg has always been heavy handed with the elicencer.