Cubase 11 Keeps Stuttering (Windows 10 Problem?)

Hey Everyone!

Recently, I’ve been having some stuttering issues when working in Cubase 11. For some reason, my audio keeps cutting out during playback with a very small number of tracks (it seems to get triggered with VSTs more than audio). When the stuttering happens, (which for some projects happens every time I play it), I can’t record audio without getting cutoff, it disrupts the sequence of some arpeggiators making them play completely out of sync with the project, and it’s almost unbearable to listen to the project because of the amount times it occurs.

This has happened on larger and smaller projects (as small as two tracks at one point)

I don’t think it’s a problem with my PC specs. They aren’t top tier, but they definitely should have enough horsepower to run a couple tracks.

Here they are:
Processor: Intel Core i5-10400F CPU
RAM: 32 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB

The problem seems to only happen in Cubase (not sure about other DAWs) because I haven’t run into any audio problems outside of it.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or solutions.


Arpeggiators being out of sync sounds weird. This sounds like some kind of timing/clock problem, rather than the typical “USB saturated” or “buffer size too small” problem with audio drop-outs.
Is this a laptop? Is there some power scheme/power management going on? Is the CPU adequately cooled, or is it thermal throttling itself? (There are utilities that can tell you this.)
Does buffer size in the ASIO drivers matter? Which driver are you using, and what are the settings at?

Have you tried latency mon to see if there is a bottleneck?

It’s a desktop. It seems like it could be a power issue from the symptoms, but I don’t see how that would come about. My PC is under my desk, but it has plenty of room…if it’s a cooling problem, what utilities would you suggest to check that? As far as buffering size goes - it helps a very small amount. It happens less often when I set it to 1024, but it still happens nonetheless. Besides, with the delay, it’s too difficult to record audio and when I set it lower it cuts out and interrupts it. The audio interface I’m using is the Scarlet Focusrite Solo 2nd Gen - the drivers are fully up to date.

I haven’t. I’m relatively new to the PC side of things (I was using Mac before) and so I haven’t had to use anything like a latency mon. Could you direct me on how to use one, or send a link to somewhere that has more info?
That would be great!

What about all the win 10 tweaks? The main is make sure the power plan is high performance. I use a pc and record with buffers at 64 samples. You shouldn’t have to go up to 1024 to get stable. What’s the spec of the computer? Is it off the shelf? I ask as music computers are tested for problems. That is why I always get one designed for this purpose.