Cubase 11 LE AI and UR44C routing problem


I am using Cubase 11 LE AI 11.0.20 Build 371. I have set up the Yamaha Steinburg USB ASIO driver to connect to a Steinburg UR44C. My aim was to send three separate VST instrument plug-ins, to the outputs at the back of the UR44C. Each stereo pair, outputting a single VST instrument.

UR44C Mix 1 L
UR44C Mix 1 R
UR44C Mix 2 L
UR44C Mix 2 R
UR44C FX Bus L
UR44C FX Bus R

This has not worked very well at all, as the output has crosstalk leaks across the channels and dspMixFx_UR_C is adding reverb to the output. If I slide the reverb off it also slides the volume of one of the VST instrument outputs off too. Is there a way to disable this.

Is there a way I can output the three stereo outputs pairs separately to the outputs of the UR44C without all the effects and channel crosstalk.

If there is no way of doing this with the UR44C. Can I do this with a UR816C?


This is the purpose of the UR44C FX Buses. On UR44C you have 4 analog outputs, not 6. The FX Busses are only virtual busses to pass the signal thru the internal FX unit and then route (mix) it to one of the output.

Thank you Martin. I didn’t realise that the FX Buses were virtual. That would explain why my idea doesn’t work :slight_smile: I guess I will have to find a ASIO driver that spans two devices. I will try ASIO4All and send two tracks to the desk.