Cubase 11 LE AI Elements and eLicenser License

Hello there,
Is anybody have experience with problems of communication between Cubase and eLicenser software. I m using Cubase for several years, and had no problems. But did try to reinstall due to some crash with Groove Agent. Now I did reactivate everything, so the eLicenser and server on MySteinberg page did suceed to have the same software eLicenser code. But the problem is when I try to run fresh installed Cubase 11 LE, it just say that there is no license. If I try to use activation code offcourse it is unable because it is used once with eLicenser. So, it appears that Cubase somehow won’t communicate with eLicenser I suppose. Did anybody experience similar problems?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

are you sure, you have Cubase LE 11 license? Isn’t it named Cubase LE (only, without the number)? If yes, I think, these are Cubase 10.5 licenses.

I have the same problem. I have changed from a PC to a new laptop. I reinstalled all of the software and the eLicenser on the new laptop and went through the uninuitive reactivation process. I ultimately ended up with two licenses in soft-eLicenser on the new laptop. They are Cubase AI and Basic FX Suite. However if I run the Cubase 11 software it says “No valid License found”. I’m still working on a solution

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Make sure you have installed Cubase AI (LE/Elements), not Cubase Pro (Artist), please.

Thanks Martin,

You are correct in that LE AI Elements 10.5 is licensed. :relieved: