Cubase 11 le and rewire

Hi all, does anyone know if cubase 11 elements supports rewire with reason 5?
Following some tutorials on the tube it would seem possible but then reason tells me engine failure.
Also I would like to know if Cubase has a proprietary asio driver or if it uses asio4all, I don’t have an external card and I rely on the pc’s realteck.
Thank you for your time


Cubase doesn’t support ReWire anymore, because the ReWire developers discontinued it.

But if the component has been installed with older Cubase version, it is available.

Your Cubase has to be in the same bit version as the ReWire application. I mean the ReWire has to be 64bit application same as Cubase.

I still use Reason 5 32bit occasionally and hook it up to Cubase Elements 11.5 with JBridge. I don’t remember how I got it working but it just seemed to work after I installed JBridge.

Thanks for the replies, in fact I’m using jbridge and I’m following all the instructions, similar to each other, that I found on the net, I turn on Cubase, select the two channels for rewire, select rewire from the studio menu, then turn on reason and it doesn’t start, telling me that the engine is busy and to check the settings in cubase.
But do you think it could be the element version that doesn’t support rewire? even if it appears in the study menu? heh do you know? I have not found an answer.
Thank you