Cubase 11 Macros - Is it possible to "apply" on windows?

I know you can bind a key-command to open the Normalize/Pitch Shift/Pan/etc. processing options for audio clips, but I was hoping to make a macro that simplified some of those processing options, specifically normalization since I tend to always normalize to the max (0dB).

I can bind to open and close the normalize window, but is there a way to apply the options via a key command, so I can add that to the macro command:

Process - Normalize
--Apply normalization--
File - Close

The first and second are what’s in my current macro, and with the “Auto Apply” option selected it works great. Unfortunately, the “Auto Apply” is active for all of the processing options- and I definitely don’t want that.


This function is accessible via Key Command. Direct Offline Process section. So you can even put it into the Macro.

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Ah, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

I think I saw that option before, but I don’t know why I didn’t bother trying it out… :thinking: Perhaps the “Direct Offline Processing” folder name confused me.

Thank you!