Cubase 11 - marker track for stereo export - Naming Cues such as 7-1a, 7-1b, etc

Hey fellow Cubase users.

I am exporting a score, and finding it a bit tough to numerically have my cues to show as I want.

Each marker only comes out as 1,2,3,etc.

Is there a way to have several markers with the same number so that I can export cues such as e.g. 7-1a, 7-1b, etc.?

I know I can have more than one marker tracks but not keen on the idea.


Just name the markers in the info line description field or marker window, set up the naming scheme in Export Audio Mixdown however you would like it.

Thanks Steve,

Are you referring to the ‘Control+M’ which opens the info for the marker track where one can edit the description?

That would show as Maker Number 1. If I want a marker 1b, won’t it still show as (the next marker) #2 - (Description) 1b?

I hope this makes sense.

Did you try it first, before you replied?

Please make sure you understood what I posted about the the naming scheme in the export window.

Thanks Steve, sorry, I hope I didn’t make a mistake in my reply.

I am not referring to the exporting process.

What I am trying to do is to be able to name the markers numerically when I am actually creating said markers, so that they reflect what the actual cue is and it is easy to see which cue is which from the main window, not the exporting window.

The marker ID is my issue.

Say I have Cue 1a, and the next one is named 1b.

When creating the marker for cue 1a, the ID of marker 1a will be marker Number 1.
The next marker will be marker Number 2, but I want it to show as 1b.

Not in the description, but as on its number ID.

If I go to the window where one can change the description, etc. for the markers, when double-clicking on the ID, one can’t mark the IDs as 1a, 1b, etc. They are only marked as 1/2/3/, etc.

so you mean a printed score?

anyway, this is the purpose of the description field. You must have already observed that you can’t add letters to the numeric field, so I’m having trouble understanding why you ask.

Because there is a slight possibility, as I don’t know absolutely everything about Cubase, that I might have missed something to do with this function.

Thank you for the clarification.

@steve is right about needing to use the description field.

However if seeing text like “3 1C” is hard to read you can turn off the display for the ID Numbers in the Marker Edit Window.

No reason to avoid it. My main Template has 3 Marker Tracks. 1) A Marker Track for typical Project navigation named “Timeline Markers” 2) Another named “Marker Library” which has a bunch of per-defined Markers which I can drag onto the Timeline Markers Track as needed 3) the third Track is named “Notes” for Markers that get named stuff like “fix that buzzing sound”


Hey, thanks man, that’s great help!

Much appreciated!!