Cubase 11 midi - Arrow keys do not transpose pitch

Recently switched from Cubase pro 9.5 to 11.

When I am in the midi editor. In the past I have always used the arrow keys to move the midi notes up/down. This is no longer working for me. Instead it is switching the selected track in the upper pane.

This is a staple short-cut for me. How do I fix this?

This sounds like you are using the Lower Zone Key Editor, but have the Project view in focus. Is that it?

I guess that is my problem - I can’t control where the focus is. I’m doing all my edits in the Lower Zone (clicking and adding/editing notes), but when I hit the arrow key, it switches tracks in the project view.

Is there something new I need to do to “declare” the focus to be the Lower Zone (other than clicking within the pane)?

Sounds like there might be some kind of problem with the prefs.

Start in Cubase Safe Start Mode and disable prefs. If that fixes it, restart again in safe mode and delete prefs.

Thanks, I did that and it solved the problem.

Since I made this change, I notice when I open more than 1 cubase file (to copy-paste tracks) and the cubase files were made with the old preferences, I get a crash. The crash data references GrooveAgent.vst3. I can avoid the crash if I instead copy-paste any data into a fresh cubase file, and in a separate session, copy-paste the data into the target file. So I have to use a fresh file as an intermediary in separate sessions to copy-paste between files I created prior to deleting my preferences.

Hm. That’s interesting, and probably should not be happening.

If you can ever find time to deduce a step-by-step repro so a precise test can be made it would be great to find the bug that causes this.

This problem is still present in Cubase 12 (win10). The only solution I have found is when it happens you have to close your project and exit Cubase, then restart and re-open your proj. i.e. it has nothing to do with “prefs.” Rather it is an internal defect that somehow switches on through some combination of edit operations.

For what it’s worth my background is in software dev and team management. If I were managing the Cubase programmers I would make defects like this a higher priority. I would be happy to provide debug strategy and guidance offline to the team manager if asked…

What problem? You have more than one in this post.

The title: Arrow keys do not transpose pitch

Hitting the Tab key to focus the lower zone doesn’t work?

Most of the time I have the editor in a separate window/separate display, often with no lower zone enabled.

In all the years I have been using Cubase I never saw this problem, and it is only rarely reported, so I suspect some process is stealing the focus. This is not a common problem.

With your experience in software development, you will understand that troubleshooting an intermittent problem is difficult, so more info is needed.

Also, note – disabling preferences is not a fix. It is a step in a troubleshooting sequence. If disabling prefs temporarily fixes a problem, Steinberg Support needs that preferences folder for analysis. Contact US Support to make that happen.

I’m happy to forward your CV, do you have a link?

Re: the editor’s focus this defect happens when the editor window clearly has focus e.g. when entering or manipulating midi notes, etc. I’ll send you a private msg with Linked In info.

Troubleshooting this requires access to the machine. So you should either contact support, or try to deduce yourself.

Have you done any troubleshooting on this yet?

Have I done any troubleshooting? LOL, yes I’ve been using Cubase and figuring out work-arounds. Thanks for the chuckle. Are you an employee of Steinberg?

By troubleshooting I mean trying to find the root cause of the problem, as opposed to workarounds.

Are you an employee of Steinberg?

FYI I just tried to send you a private message w/ LinkedIn info and got an error saying you are not accepting messages. BTW I see in your forum profile you are not a Steinberg employee- so thank you (!) for all your volunteer help in the forum.

This JUST happened to me. Was working 5 minutes ago, now it’s messed up. Did you find any solution by chance? How annoying these little things.

Mar 2023 and it just hit me again. Fortunately, I barely remembered this had happened before.