Cubase 11 mono groups problem

Couple of mono tracks of audio…for sure mono. At the moment, they’re routed to the stereo out. Inspector of course, shows l-r pan.

I also have a bunch of stereo and mono groups created. The stereo and mono groups feed stereo outs.

Here’s the problem…

I click routing to send one or both of the mono audio tracks to a mono group but…the mono groups don’t even show up in the list of where I can route. Only the stereo groups are shown. Which I don’t want to route to.

In my old cubase versions, I could be looking at the inspector for a fader that’s currently a mono track routed to stereo out…change the routing of the mono track to a mono group…pan control would instantly disappear from the focused track (as I would expect).

So why do I have inoperable mono groups?

Here’s another thing…if I create a mono Fx channel…I can route the mono audio to that just fine…inspector pan disappears…fx channel then basically operates like a mono group, routed to the stereo out or other places.

Now before you say, “well just use fx as if it were a group”…I’m really not wanting to look at the letters “FX” where I expect “Group”. You know…like on my old cubase versions that route fine to mono groups.

There is no feedback etc issue…so I can’t figure out what’s up.

Anyone have some insight on why my mono groups aren’t seen?

Can you make a screen shot of your mixer (F3) with the routings and the sends open?

Thanks for the message. I ended up rebuilding my entire template and mono groups are now ok. I don’t know why the old template didn’t work. I had created the old template on 10.5. Thanks again. I just love all the Steinberg programs I own!!