Cubase 11 - no audio editing possible on certain tracks

Good morning,
I have a problem with audio events recorded in my Cubase 11
I have several audio tracks on my Project.
Each time I went through the PROJECT / add a track / Audio function
So far everything is logical.
I recorded three guitar parts, a bass part (all three are on the same input of my sound card), and a sound sample (Gong)
Only as you can (I hope) see in my images below, the guitar part clearly shows the recorded block (which I can hear perfectly by the way). But I can’t click on it to possibly change the volume. The tool palette doesn’t give me the little arrow. (picture 1)
Boo - didn’t work - No possibilty to edit

Which is not at all the case on my bass part which I can select and in the information bar, I can play on the volume. (image 2)
That’s work
I don’t understand why I don’t have the same options and tools on certain audio tracks
Thanx a lot for your replies and excuse my bad english, I’m french.


First of all, you cannot hear the recorded signal of the Git Elec-Police Wrapped track, because Monitor is enabled on the given track.

The signal is also recorded on the left channel only. You should record the signal to the Mono track.

If you want to change the Volume of the given track, Show Insepctor or you can do so in the MixConsole window.

Hi Martin, :smile:
I’m already coming back…
Very simple thanks to your instructions.
Every audio element that was giving me trouble is now editable.
You just have to click on the element to edit it…go to the AUDIO menu and select CONVERT EVENTS TO CONTAINER.
That works !!!
Awesome !!! :metal:
Thanx a lot ! :ok_hand: