Cubase 11 no sound from midi drums

Again CUBASE 11 problem, in Cubase AI i just plug usb and start using midi drums in a minit, but after upgrade to Cubase 11 no any sound from old Roland TD1 drums…
I dont understand, free version works better than paid ?

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yes indeed, it’s to complicated to you…



As far as I can see, the selected MIDI track has no MIDI data. All other MIDI tracks are Muted. Unmute them or add some MIDI data to the selected track, please.

I can just about see that monitoring on the selected track is enabled, so he should hear/see live input… I’d check physical connections and Midi port assignments again etc… Can you see midi activity monitor meter on the task bar, responding to your drum hits at least…?

Yes, pc shows that drums are connected , but no any responce in cubase, thats weird. Maybe this is generic ASIO problem ? Cubase works with steinberg ASIO, but drums connected to generic ASIO , i’m not pro, but maybe here is problem?

This one has unlimited life, as i can see and need more attention. Forum admins must take action.


MIDI is not using ASIO. Double-check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. Make sure the data are not filtered out, please.

There is definitely no problem with Cubase 11. I have my td30 plugged in and working fine. This isn’t a midi through problem like that was seen in another thread is it? Check that midi through is enabled in preferences.

Edit: Ah just seen the same answer above

Maybe Cubase 11 has settings that i don’t know , but everything is in the default mode, but i will try these midi settings later.

Thanks all for help. After many try, found faulty usb socket. :handshake:

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