Cubase 11 not recording audio


I am using Cubase 11 on Windows 10 and am having issues recording audio. I have both an Audient iD4 and a Line 6 Helix to use as an interface. I have successfully recorded audio in the past with the iD4 and have not yet been able to successfully record with the Helix. Currently, I cannot record any audio with either interface. I can hear my guitar signal when I monitor an audio track, but when I enable recording and press play nothing is recorded. I have gone back to older projects that I recorded with the iD4 and cannot get new audio to record with either device, but I can hear audio with both devices. What could the issue be?

I have read through some other forum posts that pop up when I google this issue, but have not had any luck. I don’t think it’s an input/output issue because I can hear audio and see it on the fader. I’ve also confirmed that my Microphone permissions are allowing Cubase 11 to record.

I apologize in advanced if this is a very simple issue with an easy solution. My experience and knowledge of Cubase is very low. Thanks!

I am not sure whether you maybe phrased that wrongly, but just hitting play on a record enabled track won’t record anything. You have to hit the “record” button.

Obvious question: have you armed the track for recording?

I’m embarrassed to say this was the issue. Thanks!