Cubase 11 / Nuendo 11 weird issue with the record-installation popup

Hi There… anyone having the same problem as me?

I am getting this popup window only when I minimise the cubase/nuendo window (any version) and going back after a while- This window pops up and it cannot be closed. In the task manager the window is sticked to the Nuendo processes folder. If I try to terminate that window process, cubase/nuendo crashes.

Thx, Petr

never seen that …how long does it need to be minimised for ?

now I’ve tested it on purpose it and appears just instantly after reopening the cubase/nuendo window

… so I’ve loaded every single plugin to one project to discover where this issue is comming from, and I found it. Only ReasonRack plugin causes that issue. Now remains just to answer that question if that issue is in Reason, or it just provokes some bug in Cubase/Nuendo

I have reason rack - I’m assuming that it needs to be used in the project to generate the error ?

Yep, Of course :wink: Only when it is loaded to the project.

I’ll give it a try when I get chance…

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Is there a chance that you have a reference to a very old Reason installation in your Reason Rack patch?

If I recall correctly - Reason had this odd detour many versions ago, where audio recording was not fully integrated, but done by a separate application called “Record”.

I’ve just tested a random patch (NN-XT:: A Grand Piano.sxt) with my Cubase 11 Pro / fully up-to-date Reason Rack on Win10 and did not encounter the problem when minimizing Cubase and then re-opening the Window.

So one question might be - does this reliably happen on all Reason Rack patches - even a simple one, that only uses one of the newer Reason Rack Instruments? If yes, could you post a Factory patch name that I could test on my computer?

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so… I made a test again… and it is as follows

With creating a completely new project with Reason11 plugin rack only, no issue at all!!!
When opening my already crafted project with Reason11 plugin, issue is immediately there.

Weird behavior indeed

So that would seem to confirm that it’s something in that patch and therefore likely more of a problem in Reason rather than in Cubase?

I couldn’t find those Dr.OctoRex loops in my factory collection of Reason Studio.

Did you record one or more of the loops in that R.OctoRex patch yourself in an older version of Reason or Record? Or some old 3rd party refill?

yep it is a 3rd party refill and I cannot reproduce that issue again (with original reason patches). So you were right, it is bonded with that 3rd party refill I suppose

Case closed, thanks guys for cooperation.