Cubase 11 often crashes whilst Loading at ''Initializing: Audio Alignment''

It often crashes while loading. Freezes at ‘‘Initializing Audio Alignment’’.
Then when i try and load it again absolutely nothing happens. Cubase will not load at all. So I have to reboot the p.c every time. Can anyone help?

Mac - PC ?
Safe mode ?
Delete preferences ?
reboot PC - you can’t end task in task manager - or ‘force quit’ ?

I can end task in task manager. I can’t re load Cubase 11 though. Nothing happens (apart from the blue wheel for a couple of seconds).

did you try deleting (after backing up) preferences ?

or try starting in safe mode ?

No. After rebooting Cubase loaded. If I close Cubase i have to reboot the pc to get Cubase to load again.

ok I’ll ask again

When you say Preferences what do you mean?

Thanks for that.
It says -

  1. Quit Cubase.
    — OK
  2. Launch Cubase, and when the splash screen appears, hold down Shift-Ctrl/Cmd-Alt.
    — Once I have quit Cubase I cannot re-launch it. Also what is the ‘Splash screen’ I’ve never heard of that.

ok - try this:

reboot (or kill it in task manager)
as soon as you start cubase hold down shift-ctrl

The splash screen is the cubase logo that you see whilst it’s starting up - try the various options and see if anything helps it shut down cleanly. DO NOT load a project…just test the ‘close program’ works properly first.

you can also delete (back up first ) - your preferences are stored at:
“\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg<program name>\”
“program name” will be something like cubase11_x64 or similar - just rename it

Often dodgy preferences can cause weird results…so first check it try to run it with ‘clean’ preferences.
Buggy plugins are another frequent cause.

Many thanx Dr.
I’ll get round to soon

I get a freeze from time to time with the audio alignment as well, must reboot Cubase 11 on my W10 every time :frowning: