Cubase 11 on High Sierra

As the 10.5 is not supported but is running fine for me, I would like to know if maybe the new v11 can run on HS even if not supported.


It’s not supported and there are some graphical glitches on macOS 10.13.

I am wondering the same. Any plans in the future C11 will work with High Sierra?

Has anyone tried or planning on it?


Don’t bother with 10.13. Too many graphical issues. Bump up to 10.14…it’s a relatively painless upgrade. C11 supports it and runs quite well on it.

My Macbook pro is 2010 running on High sierra, from what I see I cant upgrade software to Mojave OS 10.14. Then I need new Macbook also, ouch!

Ok guys I’v been dealing with such graphic issues on HS …fabfilter waves gui and so on…guess is time to update to mojave also because my uad hardware will better supported and my access ti2 synth will supported too, anyway still the 32 bits support active and is a mature macOS.

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dodude1’s patches let’s you use newer OS’es on computers that Apple doesn’t support. I’ve been running Mojave on my 2008 Mac Pro for years, and it has worked perfectly. The only issue is with applications that requires graphics with metallic support (which can be fixed by replacing the GPU), such as Davinci Resolve.

I think that Greg Ondo mentioned that Cubase v11 requires Metal support. However, since Steinberg don’t allow 10.5 users to update, I’ve been unable to verify this.

Thank you Macken, replacing GPU sounds complicated and expensive also???

Only third part plugins issues or also Cubase 11 graphics/behavior problem?

Regardless the graphical glitches, will be Cubase 11 installed on High Sierra?

Cubase 11 runs fine here, I’m using High Sierra 10.13.6 on Macbook Pro Late 2011. I didn’t even know it is not supported before reading this thread.

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Good to know, thanks!
I’m gonna update.

On High Sierra here on old 2011 iMac 27in and I haven’t experienced any graphics issues so far. A little slow copying and pasting when audio is linked with Melodyne Ara 2 but that’s it be expected. No probs. :slight_smile:

Here Cubase 11 on iMac 2010 High Sierra, all works perfectly without issues on performance or features.
The only graphics problem I have experienced are about software preferences and on audio connection text selection. Nothing that affects the use of the software, all works perfectly.
Haven’t tried on MacBook Pro 2018 Big Sur


These are the issues I’m aware of.

caveat Emptor… I upgraded from 10.5 to CB 11 on release. And I’m running 10…13.6 I also followed updates to 11.0.10, 11.0.20 and recently to 11.0.30. Then here’s where the problem lies with CB 11. CB 11.0.30 will not completely function in High Sierra. Don’t update any higher than 11.0.20. Go here for legacy versions.

Scroll down to bottom of page to find legacy downloads.

I was hoping that 11.5 would work on high Sierra.that ‘s bad news.I could not even install the spectral layer 8.

Hello everyone! I have updated Cubase 10.5 to 11.
At 10.13.6. Problems only with the transfer of all settings from version 10.5.
Couldn’t transfer all presets and settings.
And strange colors in the graphics, but this does not affect performance in any way

Just got off the phone with Steinberg.They refused to help me trouble shoot my Quick controls because I’m running High Sierra macOS 10.13.6.Their reason was it was not compatible with pro 11.I have no issues other then the QL which was happening on my Cubase pro10.I asked for refund because I just upgraded on the 17th of this month.The girl told me I was out 100 $.I just wanted her to look at my program and tell me if I had missed something or it was the keyboard I was using or a compatibility issue with my computer.She flat out refused and hung up.Wow talk about rude and lousy service.

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