Cubase 11 on non-supported Windows 7, testing and findings

The same post was done for Cubase 10.5.2, that works fine under Windows 7.
Did anybody try to install Cubase 11 on a Windows 7 machine?
Thank you

Salut Patrice,

I’ve already seen a thread on this topic on this forum, but can’t find it anymore. Maybe moderators didn’t like it…

Cubase 11 won’t allow installation on W7.(as opposite to 10.5)

One guy suggested to install it on a W10 machine and copy the Cubase 11 folder in your W7 daw machine.
The problem it that some registry entries won’t be present since there is no real installation.(maybe a previous 10.5 installation helps)

This guy tried it and said it launches. He tested all the new plugins and the only one which crashed Cubase was Super Vision.

However, I think it needs a deeper and exhaustive test.

After months and months of sessions on Cubase 10.5 with W7, it only gives me crashes on score editor.
Except this and video export, everything works well.

Maybe I’m gonna try this and share my experience… if this thread stays alive.


OK, after a few days of playing with C11 on W7 with several rather complex projects, I can confirm, at this point, that the thing that doesn’t work is Super Vision, due maybe to its totally scalable ability. (which maybe call an newer version of directX).

Very small fonts (IE, those texts in the inspector panel) are hard to read, but so far, everything else I used worked. (Key editor with new features, Sample Track 2.0, new plugins except super vision, export jobs list, not dug too much into score edit but new right contextual panel and new note edit overlay for position and velocity worked)

Installed in W10 and copied folder in W7. Manually copied 10.5.2 preferences too. Must say still installed and maybe it helps registry wise and for the common folders (IE. VST Sound)

Anyway I will soon be bound to update to W10 when building my new Cubase Computer.

Hope it helps.

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AFAIK Cubase is not dependent on the registry but on the xml’s in the cubase data folder which the program creates on first run. Pretty clever stuff from Steinberg.

aligato gozaĂŻmass lovegames

A simple cheat to a string! Installer is only checking that! ahahah!
Very useful if you only have a W7/W8.1 computer.
So a 10.5.2 installation is not needed either if it relies on its own xml’s.

I don’t think the above video actually works… unless they patched it with 11.0.1… i dont have an installer for 11.0.0 to try

has everything still been running fine other than superversion?

Did you try installing latest DirectX for Win7?

Any other problems?

I am following this topic being on C7 64bits and in the process of moving from C8.5 to ? I have a licence up to 11.
There is no 10.5.2 on Steinberg’s site (it starts at 10.5.5 up to 10.5.30), so basically what can we expect ?

I downloaded the 11 upgrade (from 8.5 Pro) yesterday - at that price how could I refuse - plus Olympic Choirs and Dorico. The latter two downloaded fine but Cubase 11 didn’t and I suspect it’s because I’m running Windows 7.

So another upgrade looks necessary but hey, that’s progress I guess.

I’ll keep you posted…