Cubase 11 on two computers

A few weeks back I was working on a project and switched from my desktop to my laptop (both Windows 10 at the time) to make a few edits. When I reopened the project in my desktop the audio output was all screwed up apparently due to very different audio cards. So, a few questions:

  1. Does this make sense or did I do something stupid?
  2. Are there things I can do to insure compatibility between the two machines?
  3. Would using a UR22C solve any compatibility issues?

Thanks, Bob.

That always happens when switching interfaces. Most audio interfaces are different so if you save with one setup that’s what it expects to see next time. My friend uses control room and different outputs. When I get it back from him I just switch to using my own.

Make it simple so when you open you just have to change the stereo out unless you have complicated routing on you home computer.

Bob, try to use Control Room!
I have the same setup - desktop and laptop, different cards, using CR on both and no problems. Cubase warns only if it loses MIDI, because one card is UR242 with MIDI, but second - MG10XU - a mixer without MIDI.