Cubase 11 on Windows Latency Issues

Anyone having issues with AUDIO LATENCY in Cubase 11? It all seems to work fine in 10.5. But No matter what I adjust in 11, it has no effect. I don’t have that problem in 10.5. Any ideas?

Windows 10
Intel i3, 32G, 970evo 1Tb
Antelope Audio Discrete via Thunderbolt

working fine here - same as in cubase 10.5

I assume you are changing the audio buffer size ?

Have you picked up the right asio driver? Check all the audio settings against what you have in 10.5 screen shot them so it’s easier to compare

Yes… I’ve tried all that. It only seems to only happen in 11. Buffer size, ASIO drivers, on either Cubase or interface directly doesn’t seem to make a difference.

OK, so I ended up uninstalling the drivers for the audio interface and reinstalling them back on after restart. Opened up Cubase 11 and the problem was resolved.

Glad you solved it and thanks for letting g us know what it was. You never know when it will come in useful

Mkok - the issue is back. I don’t quite understand why is that. I am able to open any project in 10.5 and it performs perfectly. I open that same project or even a new one, it then gives me the latency issue. On the input, though, the meter seems to be good. I can visually see the meter behave as though is in real-time. On the other hand, on the selected channel, it then behaves as if on a delay. (no plugins, bare minimal tracks. )

Forget Everything from before!!! I found the fix!!! At the stereo buss, I had created a buss chain with the new IMAGER plugin at the top. As soon as I removed that plugin from the chain, it fixed the problem. The imager plugin is new to 11, therefore it’s not provided in 10.5. Thus no issue of latency while using 10.5. On the other hand, in 11, I switched that plugin to a less CPU intensive widener like the Waves S1. And now it’s all working perfectly like it should. Thanks for the support. :+1:

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excellent - thanks for the update - and yes we’ve all done that !