Cubase 11 presets to Cubase 12

Hey, has anyone tried saving their presets from Cubase 11 via the profile manager and imported them into Cubase 12 Pro? I’m hesitant because Cubase 12’s logical editor looks new and improved with interesting presets. I guess I don’t want to lose the new presets if I import my own. Would I lose the new presets in Cubase 12 by importing my Cubase 11 presets? Any info would be helpful.

A lot of my settings are still there, but I’m missing my External FX favorites. I wish they’d have a preset that saves all of your current settings instead of having to click "favorites " to add the routing.

If your on windows you have to go into your appdata folder i believing roaming then cubase 11x64 folder and copy the settings over manually works … happy camper over here…

I echo the hesitation to start manually overwriting presets in freshly downloaded Cubase 12. None of my settings migrated and even when I tried manually copying some over it’s been hit or miss. Still actively seeking a resolution here

+1 - My CB11 presets (especially my UAD Apollos i/o presets) were lost to CB 12.
I had to rename my CB11 folder ->CB12 , but now I’ll never know what I may have missed out on.

Je garde C11 et C12 pour le moment, donc je fais du copier coller entre les 2 répertoires et cela fonctionne