Cubase 11 pro 96khz crash

Hi all,
I’m experiencing a Cubase crash when trying to load my 96khz projects. This is happening after latest security updates on Mojave. I did a clean installation of Catalina, and same result.
When I load 44/48khz projects, no problem.
Anyone like me?

It would help people figure out what might be wrong if you posted what particular hardware you’re using; which Mac, and which audio interface (and what drivers.)

Hi, thanks for answering.
This is a Mac Pro 3,1 and the card is the Apogee Quartet.
I also have a UR22 mkII and I can confirm that Cubase crashes as well.
There must be something related with the latest security updates on my Mac. Cubase has been working perfectly until then.
Anyone like me?

So, nobody knows?
I just need to know if there is somebody with a 3,1 MacPro and Catalina… I’m really lost.
Any track it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance