Cubase 11 Pro - A serious problem has occurred


I got the attached error every two or three days. I can’t find a pattern as to what I am doing at the time, it appears to be random. It’s a new PC - specs at the end.

cubase crash 1
Cubase 64bit 2021.4.6 (2.2 MB)


Windows Version
Windows 10 Pro

Installation Type

Amount of RAM in GB

Audio Hardware and Driver Version
UAD Apollo Twin X Duo Driver 9.13.0 10-29-2020 build 67342

MIDI Interface and Driver Version
Korg USB-MIDI driver

Version of eLicenser Control Center

I once also got a graphics error 0x80070005 saying the application had to be shut down because of a serious graphic issue. My graphics card is an NVIDIA Geforce GT 710. My motherboard does not have built/in graphics. This only happened once weeks ago, unsure if it’s connected.

I’ve been waiting on support for about a month now, so any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

same issue here

Still no word from Steinberg. Not impressed at all.

Don’t hold your breath. It seems very rare to get a reply from them, even with a support case filed and confirmed.
You’d think for the money this software costs they wouldn’t leave it to us user to sort things out.
Worst CS ive ever had to use. In fact ive not used them as ive been ignored.

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Yes I’m not expecting a response by now. Totally agree - excellent CS is such a key differentiator these days, that I’m quite shocked to see this. There isn’t even some apology to say ‘we’re working to improve i nthe future etc.’ - nada, just silence.

I know that they have a strong market position and that’s probably why they feel there’s more important stuff to focus on. My gut feel is that they will eventually regret it, as other DAWs are really picking up the pace and some have excellent CS.

Right now, I feel like only working with Cubase when there’s no alternative, which I don’t think is the type of loyalty Steinberg are after.

as other DAWs are really picking up the pace and some have excellent CS…

Like who? Avid, Apple/Logic Pro, Steinberg, Ableton they are(were?) all on the same level cs wise.

I’ve had decent service from Ableton. Not excellent - I may have oversold them!

I haven’t tried myself but heard great things about Studio One too


The ticket is marked as “In Progress” in the internal Steinberg’s bug-tracking system. :wink: