Cubase 11 Pro AMD Ryzen audio performance problem (high cpu-load)

does any have issues with AMD Ryzen CPU?
My system (Win10, AMD Ryzen5950) shows 100% Audio performance load in Cubase while the CPU-Load in the Windows Task Manager shows only 15% CPU load.
Is there any solution for this?

Hello Christian,

I have an 5900x Ryzen. and I don’t have this problem . But I had alreadyn this problem with the plug Waves “CLAmixhub”. Which VST do you use when your have this problem. Me to avoidthis problem I use the offline processing.

It occurs especially when using a lot of groups and effect channels and routings, sends, sidechaining etc. The audio performance meter in cubase and the windows CPU-loadmeter show very different loads then. It is not a problem with a special plugin I guess but seems to have do with the handling of routings and latency.

This is not unusual, regardless of your CPU (although the difference between Windows CPU meter and the Cubase meter can be more extreme when your CPU has a high core count).

As you have observed, using lots of complex routing through groups can significantly raise the Cubase performance meter. For example, you may be able to run 2-300 individual tracks with one instance of a particular plugin on each track. But now try making a session with one track containing 16 instances of that plugin and route it to a group with a further 16 instances and you might find that the Cubase meter is at 100% even though the Windows meter remains quite low.

I believe this is because the entire signal path of an audio track has to be processed on a single core of your CPU. Therefore you might have one very long path that is too heavy to be processed by one core (regardless of the fact that you might have 31 additional cores sitting idle).

And yes, the Cubase meter and the Windows meter DO show different things. The Cubase meter is pretty much a measure of the capacity of your entire system to process real time audio. This is partly to do with your CPU but it is also things like the efficiency of your ASIO driver and latency caused by other components of your computer.

thanks for your explanations. It seems that you are right. After some tests I can unfortunately say that in a normal project with groups/busses, routings to sends/effect-channels, plugins on the mixbus etc. it is impossible to use more than ca. 20% of the ryzen 5950 cpu-power because the cubase audio-performance is already on 100% load :frowning:
The load is not balanced to all cores. There are some cores with no load at all (0%) while others have 100% load and that brings the system audio performance to “clip”.
→ 80% cpu unused!!
It ssems to be a problem with how steinberg/cubase spreads the load on the different cpu cores. There is a lot of NEED and possibility of improvements here.
I’ve heard that Reaper does handle this quit better. I hope that Steinberg find a solution to use all cores in a balanced way to make use of the 16-core CPUs.

Turn on ASIO-Guard.

You may say, “Why not write everything multi-threaded!”. Indeed, developers strive to use as much parallelism as possible. However, most tasks just can’t be broken up, as they require one operation to be performed before the next can start. You can’t ‘skip ahead’ before prior computations are done.

Hi Timo, turning the ASIO Guard on or off doesn’t change anything :frowning:

Try to use the Offline processing. it will lighten your audio load. For me it works. Drag your effects from your channel setup into offline audio processing. it might help you.