Cubase 11 Pro Audio Glitch in Recording

System Info:
2020 iMac 5K
Intel 10700K 3.8GHz 8-core i7
32GB Crucial RAM
AMD Radeon Pro 5500XT 8GB
Monterey 12.5
Cubase Pro v11.0.41 build 448
Focusrite 8PreX (Thunderbolt)
Interface Firmware: 1016/1021
Focusrite Control v3.11.0.1983
Audio Buffer Size: avg128-256 (happens even at 2048)
Resolution: 96kHz/32-bit Float
ASIO Guard: Disabled
Samsung T7 1TB USB 3.2 external SSD (recording disk)

Hey everyone, wondering if any of y’all can help me fix this. I’ve been dealing with this for a couple years now, where the audio will glitch slightly while recording, and it is destructive to the material being rendered. (See attached pic)

I thought it was just an issue with using my old Steinberg UR824, but now with the upgrade to the 8PreX I’m seeing the same thing. It might happen every 30 minutes or so, and I’ll hear the little “click” glitch during playback while editing. Then I can zoom in on the event, and can visually see where there are samples glitched/missing and the wave jumps on the highlighted event in the attached screenshot. Is this a kind of “jitter”?

Any ideas where these sorts of glitches come from and how to solve it? Happens whether I’m on the iMac (main studio machine) or my PC notebook with an Audient iD14. It seems to coincide with a CPU usage peak, even when I’m not doing any heavy lifting with plugins, just audio recording with a couple SSL Native plugins, average CPU handling around 10-20% or less. No other software running in the background, sometimes Fractal AxeEdit, but this happens regardless.

I’m thinking about just upgrading to Cubase 12 to see if it is better optimized, but figured I’d just ask y’all here before throwing money at the issue. Thanks so much!

PS Pls, PLS don’t turn this into a Mac vs PC thread. There are pros/cons to both, and this issue is Cubase specific when running on either of my machines. It doesn’t happen with PT14, Ableton 10, or Logic.


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Your hardware is fine, just make sure all drivers are up to date.
Look into your OS installation for nasty background processes eating your resources, like disabling any automatic updates in the background.

Thanks for the response!
I actually found a fix in the form of disabling virtual cores on the i7 processor through terminal. It also fixed a big issue where Cubase would hang indefinitely on auto-save at times with late-stage projects. Haven’t had that happen this whole month at work.