Cubase 11 pro crashes on start-up

This is a copy of my original message to customer support. (10/05/24)

“A while ago I purchased Cubase 11 Pro but never got it to work as it crashes on boot-up I am greeted with this screen (See Pic attached) I click on any of the options to proceed but immediately Cubase crashes”

Since then I have deleted all of my past Cubase vsn"s and relevant files.
Reinstalled my OS and Cubase 11 and renamed my prefs XYZ 11 as requested

ReportCrash_2024-06-06-153212_Gerrys-iMac.crash|attachment](upload://bXtvFKf7DA5vnbTd0opM9Jt0jPf.crash) (76.1 KB)
ReportCrash_2024-06-06-153248_Gerrys-iMac.crash (57.7 KB)
ReportCrash_2024-06-06-153248-1_Gerrys-iMac.crash (58.0 KB)
ReportCrash_2024-06-06-154643_Gerrys-iMac.crash (76.1 KB)

As also instructed I’ve updated iLok and uninstalled isotope 8 and RX6.
but still crashes on start up please see the attached crash logs.

Any help would be “very gratefully appreciated”




All 3 crashes are in a thread, where is no Cubase or any plug-in mentioned. All of them end up with:

I was searching a bit, what does it mean:

Symbolication means replacing memory addresses with symbols (like functions or variables) or for example adding function names and line number information. It is used for debugging and analyzing crash reports.

In the reports, I also saw Ozone 8 and RX 6 De-hum mentioned. In general, iZotope plug-ins are quite shaky.

Please, make sure, the iZotope plug-ins are up to date. If the plug-ins are using iLok, make sure the iLok software and PACE driver is up to date.

Continuing the discussion from Cubase 11 pro crashes on start-up:

As also instructed I’ve updated iLok and uninstalled isotope 8 and RX6.
…but still crashing on startup :hot_face:

Please help me, someone, :pray:


Could you please attach the latest *.crash file(s) to see, where does it crash after the updates?

ReportCrash_2024-06-06-153212_Gerrys-iMac.crash (76.1 KB)
ReportCrash_2024-06-06-153248_Gerrys-iMac.crash (57.7 KB)
ReportCrash_2024-06-06-153248-1_Gerrys-iMac.crash (58.0 KB)
ReportCrash_2024-06-06-154643_Gerrys-iMac.crash (76.1 KB)


The crashes are still the same.

Well, this is my latest crash log Martin.

ReportCrash_2024-06-07-144958_Gerrys-iMac.crash (76.1 KB)

I am not sure if there is anything else I can do :thinking: There is only Cubase 11 on my system now all other versions have been deleted along with their relevant files.

I was using Cubase 10 but now I have since deleted it so, currently have no working Cubase (which is a problem as a professional media composer)

As a matter of interest is this normal?


It’s the Download folder, where it the installer is placed, once it’s downloaded. So it doesn’t affect the run of Cubase.

Every single one of your crash logs is almost exactly the same and each and every one is crashing with this (and it appears its not Cubase or a plugin that actually crashes):

Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (Code Signature Invalid)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000

Termination Reason: Namespace CODESIGNING, Code 0x2

And this:

Thread 10 Crashed:
0 0x00007fff4e281a05 thread_exit_due_to_bad_access() + 0
1 0x00007fff4e27db5a ScanInstructionsForMissingSecondFrameLocation_Intel(_CSTypeRef, bool, unsigned long long, unsigned char const*, unsigned long long, unsigned long long, unsigned long long*, unsigned long long*, _CSTypeRef, mapped_memory_t*) + 46
2 0x00007fff4e221e85 CheckForSecondFrame2(sampling_context_t*, CSThread&) + 314
3 0x00007fff4e27e2d9 invocation function for block in CheckForSecondFrame(sampling_context_t*, CSThread&) + 30
4 0x00007fff4e21b230 CSCppExceptionSafeThread::sacrificial_thread_init() + 80
5 0x00007fff4e21b1d2 thread_init_trampoline(CSCppExceptionSafeThread*) + 9
6 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff65e272eb _pthread_body + 126
7 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff65e2a249 _pthread_start + 66
8 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff65e2640d thread_start + 13

What else is running on your machine, and we dont mean Izotope or audio this or that, talking SYSTEM apps, like any sort of security or endpoint protection junk?

Have you taken your Mac to an Apple store so they can run diagnostics on it? You could very well have some bad RAM in the machine causing that just the same.

Hi Monotremata,

Interesting…it seems strange to me that Cubase 10 is working on the same system though :thinking:



Update: I have since had an in-depth Techtool Pro test report this morning on my machine and it seems to have passed all with flying colors. :thinking: