Cubase 11 pro crashes when windows go fullscreen (error code 0x800700005)

Unrecoverable Error 8_20_2023 6_29_11 PM
Cubase 64bit 2023.8.20 (860.9 KB)
Recently for no discernable reason cubase has been crashing when the workspaces open up full screen or are made full screen. I have reinstalled cubase three times at this point. all my drivers are up to date.

What board ,CPU and OS are you running?

MSI B550 pro vdh wifi
AMD ryzen 7 5700x
Windows 11

I’d been using these specs before and this just happened this past week after having ran on the same board and across 2 amd chips (ryzen 7 5700g and ryzen 7 5700x) both with no issue and no changes to windows as well.

I’m going to try to reinstall as an admin, and will update with results

install as admin yields no new results

I was having some similar issues but I am on Intel with a Z590 board and originally Win 10.

The reason I asked is because I thought you might have a similar set up to mine and I am reading a lot about issues with the Z590 boards.
I had to resort to a bios update and a reformat with Win 11 and also putting my video card in the slower slot.
Also I was able to try different memory configs and everything is running well now.
Have you updated your bios and do you have any alternate RAM you can try?

Also I forgot to ask what video card?
I had problems with 5 different cards I had lying around. None worked properly and would sometimes not boot… So definitely try updating your video card driver if you are not using integrated graphics.
Nvidia make a “studio” version of their drivers which is absolutely worth a try…

bios is updated and windows is a newish clean install. The memory being used was used in 3 different systems with cubase 11 with no issue.
I’m using a 306012gb which has been used with cubase 11 for nearly a year and a half with no issue. I install studio drivers cleanly before i start cubase so the studio drivers get updated very frequently.

this issue cropped up this week after having been non existent on this build which has been running close to 6 months. i think it might be a new VST i installed but I can not know for sure until someone qualified can read the crash dump

Yes sounds like you are doing all the right things
I thought you mentioned these were all brand new installs of Cubase so I thought initially that it might be hardware related or an outdated WIN 10 you were using like me!
Hope some one comes along soon that can read that crash log for you.

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