Cubase 11 Pro - Crashing + Audio Freeze

Hello there,

For the past week or so, I’ve been troubleshooting Cubase, VEP and my PC in general (XMP settings and such so everything is running as it’s supposed to).
I have ironed out almost all of the kinks in the chain and am able to work with Cubase for approximately 15-30 minutes pretty much perfectly. However, after those 15-30 minutes, the audio ‘freezes’ (= turns into a kind of saw-wave and stays on until I close (the crashed) cubase). It doesn’t give an error or create a dump file other than the standard windows ‘Cubase 11 has stopped working’ error in the middle of my screen.
I am running on an up-to-date Windows 10.
Steinberg UR22C on 192KHz and 32Bit on USB 2.0 mode (with 3.1 cable).
Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.0.1056 is connected to my template (although VEP doesn’t crash, do I don’t think it’s related, but atleast worth mentioning).
Ram and CPU usage are constant and not maxed out.
I’m running a GTX 2070 Super with the driver uninstalled since a seeming driver incompatability caused a 0x80070005 error.
I’m also running Cubase and VEP in Admin mode, since I thought that the gpu driver issue might have been an accessibility issue. I also (re)installed eLicencer Control Centre and the Yamaha Steinberg Drivers in admin mode.

Earlier today I had a crash at startup while loading the Virtual Soundstage 2.0 .dll file. It was a different crash than the ones following it and I haven’t had it since that odd one time. This crash did create a dump file which is attached below. I hope it can give some insight:
Cubase 64bit 2021.5.4 (1.5 MB)
(Other than that, this dump file is unrelated to the crashes I mentioned earlier)

The first problem I decribed however keeps reocurring and makes cubase pretty much impossible to use. Is there a way to force a dump file to be made so I can add it here and maybe someone from Steinberg can give me a clue as to where to look (or so I can send it in to support)? I have run out of clues where to look for this problem.

Thank you very much in advance!


Please, update to the latest Cubase 11.0.20.

I hadn’t noticed there was a new update. Is there a way to get notified when new updates get released?
I installed the new update (ran Steinberg Download Manager as admin) and the error still ocurred after working for 30 minutes or so.


On the left side of the Steinberg Hub, you can see the news.

You can probably also scribe to the news on the web page.

Thank you, I will do that!
I also managed to create a .dmp using Sysinternals ProcDump (see below):
This is the dump of what happened during the most recent crash. I have no clue why the file is this big (unzipped 6,6GB), but this forum (nor WeTransfer) allowed me to upload it, so I uploaded a zipped version (simply using winrar) which I could only upload on WeTransfer.

A couple of notes with this dump file:

  1. Upon starting cubase, I got the error that Relab Development’s LX480RHall wouldn’t operate with debuggers present.
  2. The crash I got while running ProcDump seemed more extravagant than the usual crashes. I don’t know if this had something to do with ProcDump being active or something else. What I mean with extravagant, is that the video also seemed to crash (my screens flickered and it took about 20 seconds for the windows to reload). Although I hadn’t had this issue since I tinkered with the GPU driver (as I mentioned in my first post) so it could very well be that this is due to ProcDump being active. I’ll have to see if the same crash events will occur with and/or without ProcDump running.

I’d love to hear if this can give any clues as to what’s causing it and how to fix it.


Please try this:

  • Download the latest Studio driver version from here.
  • Disconnect the computer from Internet to make sure Windows will not download and install own graphic driver.
  • Uninstall the NVIDIA driver.
  • Restart computer.
  • Start the NVIDIA driver installation (as administrator).
  • Don’t install the whole package, use the Custom (Advanced) settings.
  • Disable everything (don’t install NVIDIA Experience, PhysX, etc.), keep just the video driver enabled.
  • Connect your computer to the internet.


Btw, the VirtualSoundStage2_x64 plug-in has been mentioned in the stack. But it doesn’t mean, this is the only plug-in, which might do this problem.

I did what you listed above.
I got another crash within 5 minutes.
Here is the crash .dmp file:

This crash was more like the one I first described when starting this thread.
Cubase froze and there was a saw-wave-like sound.
A couple of things were distinctly different though. The sound was lower in frequency and way lower in volume (but I can also imagine that this has something to do with the sound that is being played back at the moment of the crash).
There was no ‘Cubase11.exe has stopped working’ in the middle of the screen. The program just froze completely and was unresponsive. Upon trying to shut it down in task manager the sound stopped and the program showed ‘not responding’ in task manager.
I tried to close it down a couple more times via task manager but it didn’t at all respond. When I wanted to create a dump file trough task manager it closed. (Mind you, that ProcDump was again active in the back while this all was happening, so perhaps that has something to do with cubase not wanting to close down, but that’s just speculation).
No more flickering of the screens though.