Cubase 11 Pro Eucon support

I just got a reply from Steinberg support after I complained that Eucon is basically broken in C11P. For those of you who do not know. Steinberg has completely pulled support for Eucon in Cubase 11 Pro. I don’t know if they have stated/posted that anywhere, but I suggested that they do, because I was about to tell the world. The exact words were sent to me November 25 at 3:37pm from Steinberg US Support were:

"Hello Michael,

We no longer support Eucon hardware. Please reach out to Avid for further support.


Steinberg US Support"

So there it is. No “sorry we didn’t inform our users.” No “go away.” Nothing…

As a business model, this is a killer. Their reputation with me is tarnished, permanently. Maybe I am only one customer, but I am sure I am not going to be the only one after people read this, and I will post everywhere. They need to announce this to their customers.

And why would they think I need to reach out to Avid? My Pro Tools works fine with Eucon. It’s not like Avid is going to say we will help you with Cubase so you won’t buy Pro Tools anymore. That’s ludicrous.

All of my Eucon devices are basically useless in Cubase 11 after my upgrade. Steinberg has claimed support for Eucon, then apparently, reversed that decision. Back to 10 I guess, if I even want it to have any semblance of working - and 10 is terrible with Eucon. I have many DAWs, i just don’t want to pay for Pro Tools Ultimate, so I thought Cubase 11 Pro was the best way to utilize Eucon. Not now. So, I finish with the question:

Does anyone know of a place in the manual or on the website where Steinberg has stated this?

replied in the other thread - annoying to reply to multiple threads

Haven’t seen this anywhere else…

I think the rep might have been saying that they don’t provide tech support for the Avid product, they are not saying that the devices can’t be used with Cubase.

As @Martin.Jirsak replied to you in the other thread Avid devices are still supported, and he also said a report for the issue was submitted.

Since there is already a thread on this topic, I’ll go ahead and close this one.