Cubase 11 Pro Groove agent activation

Hello all, I’m a 36 year old noon so please be gentle with me :rofl:. I bought Cubase 11 pro and I’m having issues with Groove Agent 5 as it says I need to activate it. I assume that it is included with Cubase 11 Pro and I don’t need to pay extra, am I wrong? Cubase is running just fine and is activated.

Thank you in advance

sorry - groove agent isn’t included - you get groove agent SE, a slimmed down version

Thank you for clearing that up :blush::+1:

In my instruments options in Cubase there is no option for Groove Agent SE and it doesnt appear in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

look under Cubase 11 in the download assistant

You sir, are a legend :+1: thank you for that.

Groove agent 5 only upgrade G.A. 3and 4 , no SE versions.