[Cubase 11 Pro] Is there Automation Cue function with 'pick-up mode'?

Let’s say, I do not have moving faders,
But want to punch-in automation from the written point and on…

Is there setting such as pick-up mode, so I actually have to move the fader to ‘that certain point’ to write in…?


Just could not find it in the manual nor on the internet :frowning:

Not sure, if this would work for your configuration, but:

If you connect your controller via Quick Controls and fly in midi controller data that way, there’s a checkbox to enable Pick-up Mode.

Actually I do not own touch-sensitive fader unit, so I could not punch in since the unit’s protocol is MCU… that made my situation a bit complex…

So, actually I thought there was an option for that on Automation panel but it was not…

Well… so I just made my own ‘macro’ :slight_smile:

It is ok for now, but thanks, your suggestion would also work too but then I do need to switch my modes and it is a bit cumbersome :slight_smile:

For those who want a ‘wayaround’

You can set macros:

  1. Suspend read/write for all
  2. Activate write for all

→ let’s say this is your ‘macro key’…

While the faders reading your 1st attempt automation, quickly press this macro button, then start editing your automation as if it is being punched in. It works pretty well :slight_smile:
(My best solution)