[Cubase 11 Pro] Just noticed mouse stuttering/lag inside my DAW :)

My spec:
Mac mini 64gb 2018 intel chip maxed
Cubase Pro 11 (11.0.0, did not do maintenence update yet)
Mac Mojave osx
Magic Mouse
Magin Keyboard via bluetooth

Though the project has 140 tracks, not all tracks have inserts.
CPU usage, about a quarter or third way (because it is a mixing project, but ‘not’ too heavy).
Fan speed around 3000 rpm.

My mouse, inside Cubase Pro 11, especially when I am using volume drawer tool (Generally tools that need precise and smooth feedbacks), mouse movement having a light stuttering.

Would this be normal?

So, I open another project with 4 tracks (temporary test project), no stuttering…

I was surprised though… Cubase cannot be the cause with my spec… but it seems to be…
I thought about the Graphics card problem, but my mac mini comes with factory default UHD graphics 630 and that cannot be the cause right…?

I am not writing this to complain about Cubase, I love using and mixing with it, but could this be on other factors…? I just cannot get around my head haha…

I ‘think’ this stuttering can be also the cause of my Softube EQ MP analyzer’s sudden movement freezing issue.

Any inputs would be so much appreciated! and I am sure this can be an easy fix right!

*I did tried ‘deleting’ preference files of Mouse just in case. Still experiencing stuttering.