Cubase 11 Pro & KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 - 'All MIDI Inputs' column box doesn't get saved

  1. Turn on the keyboard (i.e. KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2).
  2. Start Cubase 11 Pro, but don’t create a new project.
  3. Open Studio Setup and go to MIDI Port Setup.
  4. Uncheck the input that is used by the Komplete Remote Device.
  5. Hit OK and quit Cubase.
  6. Turn off the keyboard, then turn it back on.
  7. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

ISSUE → the box that we previously unchecked, now is again checked.


Is any other settings/preferences stored after you quit Cubase?

  1. How would I know?
  2. The words setting and preference are not uncountable subjects, so you should’ve used “are” instead of “is” when formulating the question.



Try to make some other obvious change in Cubase (add custom KeyCommand, add or remove any object in the Tool bar). Quit Cubase and start it again. Is your setting persistent?

Thank you! :bowing_man:

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Sorry for replying this late.

Yes. In the same settings page (Studio/Studio Setup/MIDI Port Setup), the tick box of my audio/midi Interface* remains unticked when I do the same steps.

→ turn on the interface
→ start Cubase
→ open studio setup…
→ untick the box…
→ hit ok and quit Cubase
→ turn off the interface, then back on
→ start Cubase
→ check to see if the box is still unticked

*Clarett 2Pre USB | Focusrite


What happens, if you don’t turn the interface off, please?

Is any other setting stored after quit and restart Cubase?

You have got to be kidding me. Do you really think that the tick box setting will be reset if the interface is kept ON before restarting Cubase? That’s so ilogical. Why would it behave differently?

My keyboard’s tick box is the only setting that doesn’t get stored. So yes, everything else gets stored.


I don’t know, how much do you know about drivers in general and about USB drivers, probably you are much more experienced than me. But what I know, if you switch the device Off and back On, sometimes if the driver is not in a very goof shape, it might happens, it’s a new device from the OS point of view. Cubase overtakes the device from the OS, so if the device is new for the OS, then it’s also a new device for Cubase. So the settings could be lost (actually reset, because it’s a new device).

OK then it looks more on the device side. when Cubase is storing the setting in general.

Oh, dear God, why do you hate me?

The question was why would I get a different result if I kept the Audio/MIDI interface ON. Wasn’t it?! :eyes:
You see, I ask for apples and I get oranges. That’s what it feels like.

This made me create an entry on the NI Community Forum as well. Here’s the link:

I’ll get back as soon as I get a solution.

Thank you, Martin.


I don’t see the Komplete Kontrol in the macOS 11 compatible/supported list here.

Interesting! Maybe this is the cause of my problem…
Thanks again.

I’ve also made a video. Maybe Cubase also is a cause.