Cubase 11 pro launches with broken graphics on Mac with M1 chip

I have a new MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. Cubase 10 pro worked amazingly when installed it. I upgraded to Cubase 11 pro and have not been able to successfully launch it. I see the videos to the left of the initial screen when launching but everything else is blank/black. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling only Cubase 11 with no VSTs with no success. This is a brand new MacBook so there is no other software other than the original Apple software, Cubase, and Wavelab (which I installed successfully after the second install of Cubase to see if it would work).

check out this article:

macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon product compatibility

We’d like to update you on the development and certification process regarding macOS Big Sur for Steinberg products. macOS Big Sur (macOS 11) has been released in November 2020, replacing macOS Catalina.

Not only did Apple introduce a new operating system but also a new hardware platform with the Apple Silicon system on a chip (SoC) solution. While many of our products are compatible with macOS Big Sur on Intel-based systems, please note that we cannot recommend using Apple Silicon-based systems for the time being until we have completed our tests or released updates to make our software and hardware compatible.

Please keep in mind that other software you intend to use (e.g., plug-ins) needs to be officially compatible with macOS Big Sur as well!

Thanks! I saw that…the part that is perplexing is that it worked awesome with Cubase 10 pro. I tested that before installing 11.

Just installed Cubase 11 tryout on my new MB Air with Big Sur. I can only see Pink screens. Looks like something is not graphically taken in charge by the system… Weird…

The same issue on Mac mini M1 I’m afraid…
Can’t see anything at all

As an update: I’ve uninstalled Cubase Pro 11 completely from my MacBook and have rolled back to/installed Cubase Pro 10.5 and am back up and running awesomely again. I can say it works for me on Cubase 10 and 10.5 on the M1. I will wait to reinstall Cubase Pro 11 again until I hear the issue is resolved.

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Same setup Mac as you here. Installed Artist 11 and all I have is pink.

Does Steinberg have a timeline for fixing these M1 issues with Cubase 11 (I’ve been looking but haven’t found any information on an expected fix date)? I only have an M1 MacBook Pro and need to know when I can start being productive with Cubase 11 again.

After spending most of the day with Steinberg support, I give up. First, Cubase wouldn’t work on Big Sur correctly, then Steinberg’s licensing system went down and didn’t work for a couple of days (because it is old-school and dongles are lame), and now I haven’t been able to use Cubase for two months because I own an M1 MacBook Pro.

I’m sick of getting screwed over by Steinberg. I’m done. It is obvious that Steinberg either doesn’t care about their customers or are unable to keep their software up-to-date. Either way, I’m going to cut my enormous loses and go with something else.

I’ve tried Logic Pro X, Studio One, and FL Studio today and they all work great on M1 Macs. I’m leaning towards Studio One but all three are nice. Any other recommendations for my next DAW?

Whatever. Probably Logic Pro X if you have a Mac with M1 apple silicon, at least that is native.
None of the others are M1 native yet.

Even with those, if you use vst plugins, you’re gonna have a bad time with your M1 mac.

All my non-Steinberg VSTs (e.g. Arturia, Toontrack, etc.) are working fine in both Studio One and Logic Pro.

The system requirements are posted on the SB website, so obviously the authoritative info is that info – and while your statement is true on its face, the reader must infer not that SB didn’t get it together, but that the user owns the wrong computer.

I confess to a bit of snark there. We simply use the best tools we have at our disposal for our craft – if that’s not Cubase for you at the moment, no problem. I’m sure you already are familiar with the alternatives, at least three of which you have already mentioned in your posts.

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I disagree, Steve. As a software engineer, I know that Apple made betas of Big Sur available to other software engineers months in advance of Big Sur actually shipping. There are PLENTY of software companies who did the work necessary to ensure their customers were covered on day one of Apple’s new releases of Big Sur and M1. The fact of the matter is that Steinberg never puts forth the required effort to ensure their customers are ready to go on day one and it shows. How many YEARS did it take them to actually support hi-res displays?

Pointing to the system requirements document and saying, “Just use older equipment,” is a copout. It’s just an excuse for bad/lazy software development practices.

PLENTY of software companies who did the work… Big Sur and M1.

Avid Knowledge Base macOS 11 (Big Sur) Support for Avid Products

MOTU, macOS Big Sur and the new M1-powered Macs

Presonus Apple Silicon M1 Computer Compatibility

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