Cubase 11 Pro - Mac Freeze Issue (happens in 10.5 too if 11 is installed alongside)

@Martin.Jirsak and others , if you could help me on this one.

MacBook Pro 16 Core i9 (8 core) (2019 model)
16GB ram
4GB AMD Radeon Graphics
Catalina 10.15.7

I have been facing a weird issue in cubase 11 and sometimes on 10.5 too (this happens in 10.5 only when 10.5 and 11 are installed in same computer)

Here clean install refers to going in to apple recovery menu and wiping Macintosh HD completely and reinstalling OS from apple recovery server.

Every Cubase version mentioned in this topic and issue is PRO.

I was happily running Cubase 10.5 pro fresh install on my MB 16 from day one on catalina no issues.
Used it for 6 months, Then came Cubase 11 and MacOs 11 (Big Sur) - [Me being me wanted to do a clean install of big sur and install Cubase 11 fresh on my mac]
(Cuz I was running out of space because I downloaded a bunch of free and useless plugins)

After I successfully did the above, got to know that Cubase 11 is unstable on Big Sur and whole OS was kinda buggy and with regret and anger, I did a clean install of 10.15.7 (The OS my mac shipped with)

After the install I installed Cubase 11 only on Catalina and used it but only seconds after importing an audio file and playing it back in timeline the "screen freezes but audio is working completely fine and apple spinning candy (wait icon when system hangs) appears.

I thought it was temporary and ignored (and NO it’s not backup process of cubase cuz i have turned it off in preferences) but it happened multiple times making it annoying and unusable so I reinstalled C10.5 thinking C11 is fresh and might have some bugs, but the same problem occurred in 10.5 also.

this made me reinstall OS again and just use 10.5 and fine enough it was working fine as expected now that C11.01 is released I downloaded and installed it and the issue emerges again and funny enough it has somehow made C10.5 affect with the same issue + made the video follows edit mode with combine selection tools NOT WORKING (leading me to think its a C11 bug that when installed alongside other version of Cubase affects them also)

After all this I don’t have the time or patience to reinstall OS again and just use C10.5, I just want a fix for it and want to know is this a problem specific to me so I tagged you @Martin.Jirsak or is it something that people are facing, please let me know and upvote this issue to solve this quickly by bringing it in the eyes of Steinberg developers.

I cannot use both C10.5 and C11 so am going back to ableton and if this problem is not solved quickly, I will have to stick with ableton forever and steinberg will lose a loyal customer.

Hi @AydinVance ,

Thank you for detailed description (and sorry for my delay). That’s very interesting.

From this description, my guess is, this is caused by a component, which is shared among all Cubase versions. The component has been updated in Cubase 11, so Cubase 10.5 was updated with it. Therefore it starts with Cubase 11 and also Cubase 10.5 is affected after Cubase 11 installation.

Now, the interesting part is to find out, which component is it.

I would start with the eLCC application. Did the eLCC update with Cubase 11 installation? Then I would try built-in instruments, HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE. And then… I would go for the other shared components.

I’m sorry, I cannot provide a solution, but I don’t know it.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak,

The eLicenser application might have had been updated with the C11 installation (again I’m not 100% sure) but there were frequent times when I opened the Steinberg download assistant and it prompted to update the eLicenser, so I did that.

And talking about rectifying the problem and finding out which component is causing the problem (like HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE etc.)
how do I find it ?
using which set off tools, processes, skills etc. ? (I would call myself a tech-enthusiast, willing to learn but don’t have much knowledge)

If you could help me on this one, if not at least hook me up with someone who perhaps can.

Moreover it doesn’t put Steinberg as a company in good light, Steinberg has a reputation of great customer service, satisfaction and bonding (ClubCubase Zoom Hangouts).

Please maintain it, I’m counting on you guys and Steinberg for solution.

Hi @AydinVance ,

First I would try the eLCC. So I would uninstall it and then I would install it from Cubase 10.5 Full Installer. But, if you are sure, Cubase 10.5 was working with the latest eLCC (because it has been updated when starting Steinberg Download Assistant), you can skip this step.

Then I would continue with the HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE the very same way. So I would uninstall the currently installed HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE and install the one from Cubase 10.5 Full Installer. Then I would test, if Cubase is crashing or not. If Cubase would crashing, then it’s other but HALion Sonic SE or Groove Agent SE. So I would continue in the same manner with other shared components, which you can find here:
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components

It’s the system Library, not User.