[Cubase 11 Pro] Real time top panel 'transpose' & 'Fine-Tune' option and its quality


I use these functions quite frequently and started thinking about its quality cause it works in real-time?
If I’d want the best transposing and fine-tuning quality by printing or changing the setup,
What can I do to achieve its best quality?

Because I hear some cracking and errors when I render it with some 3rd party fx inserted…
So I was wondering, if real-time effect is not recommended?
How can I make achieve better within the DAW?

How do you all use these functions? if you like what you have re-tuned by it, do you then render it first, then apply 3rd party plugins?


The transpose and fine tune located in the info line follows the algorithm chosen. The default is elastique Pro Time. It will depend on the audio you are changing. Some work best for transients , some for pitch (vocals, melodic ). You´ll have to test it and choose one that is good for your audio events. You can use different algorithms for different sources.

Some more info here:

and here:

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Hello, Pedro! I decided to (for pitch shifting jobs) use ‘Direct Offline Processing’ for the best result, and will I be doing it right, since I do not need to time correct, and need it to be done in real time? I will be getting the best sonic conversion quality by this right and save CPU usage?

cheers! Yes I found a way to change the algorithm! ha… it was cut and could not see due to my small monitor! lol on the top panel…

What kind of pitch shifting stuff are you doing ?
Sound design, tuning vocals, guitars ?
Maybe if you explain better what you trying to achieve everyone can join and give some feedback.
Provide pictures if needed, etc.
All the best.

You´ll find very useful some reading on the topics you´re interested in here:

Oh! extremely sorry for the late reply! um, many sources including, some string sample, sometimes vocal sample? and I also would like to tune my kick and snare slightly to the key…? I was really… overlooking about the sonic quality but I find… I really needed to test myself.

Sometimes real-time algorithm is good enough, and sometimes offline processing ‘pitch shift’ function sounds better. so… yeah! I am aware of choosing my own algorithm :slight_smile: and I tested with my ears and chose the best with it! and surprisingly sometimes it sounds just more natural and better with ‘top panel’ tweaking! fast too :slight_smile:


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