Cubase 11 Pro (Sample Slicer Issues)

Is anyone having issues with the slice feature? When I go to either Grid or Transient + Grid, the keyboard in sampler track flashes like crazy and I get no response from the keys. My workaround is clicking on the root key option and this seems to stop it but I shouldn’t have to go through that :unamused: :angry:

Also there is no “Extentions” option in my Audio drop down menu (as shown on some Youtube channels) I’m using Cubase 11 pro on a Macbook and I don’t seem to have “Spectral Layers”. I’m so confused???

You need to separately download and install spectralayers one using steinberg download assistant

Thanx :+1:t2:, figured that out last night when I went to check for updates in “Download Assistant”. Still getting the issue with the slicer tho!

no glitches on the sampler track for me. running latest windows 10 H2 build 2009