Cubase 11 Pro Serious Crash Error Messages and Freezing More Often - Should I Reinstall Cubase

Im Getting Serious Crash Error Messages and Freezing
Cubase Error Message
More Often
I have attached an image of problem
Basically i had added a midi track with 4 bars an audio track with 4 bars just to try and learn a bit about midi and audio editing,i added a marker track then the error message appeared.
I dont really have to do very much to get these error messages now,they are happening every time i use Cubase 11 Pro.
Cubase 11 Pro Is not running very well, its very glitchy and freezes quite a bit and is very slow at importing my master template project.
I am not running any 3rd party Plugins.
Im thinking that i should uninstall the software and then do a clean install.
What is the best way to do this,should i uninstall and reinstall everything ,halion sonic se,groove agent se,retrologue etc
I have got some recording that needs to be done so im thinking i should just reinstall everything first and hope for the best before i start recording,what is the best way to uninstall Cubase 11 pro,

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Attach the source dmp file.

Hi Martin i have sent you the the dmp file,


Reported to Steinberg.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

To be honest Martin ive had enough ive still got the problem of files not showing in file browser media bay and groove agent problems,im just going to uninstall cubase and groove agent from my pc and reinstall them,no doubt that wont smoothly either,after fresh installs then the problems cannot be caused by me,


Cubase reinstallation doesn’t hurt. But I would try to delete the preferences too.

Martin i uninstalled and reinstalled cubase 11 pro, with a new install should i not have fresh preferences as well ?


No, the preferences folder remains after reinstallation.

Ok didnt know that thanks