Cubase 11 pro Step Editor Sticking notes

In Cubes 10 and 11.0.2, notes are constantly being poured in the step editor. The “midi reset” helps. There was no such problem in the 9th version!

Does anyone else have this problem? And then I’m tired of pressing “cancel”. Every second chord notes hang… :frowning:


Try to change your Audio Device Buffer Size. Sometimes even decreasing the value helps in this case.

Hi, Martin. Thanks for the comment. But the buffer does not work in this case. midi controls an external synthesizer. (synthesizers)


OK, interesting…

What is the MIDI data path then, please? What USB > MIDI (most probably) device do you use, please?

The video uses USB midi - Tyros 5.
But I have Tascam DM3200 on it 6 more midi ports. And in the case of 5pin MIDI with old synthesizers (Yamaha W5 and Virus B) the same problem.