Cubase 11 Pro? Surround sound? Film scoring? ( I’m a newb)

Hello Everyone… New to this forum but desperate for help. I’m about to pull the trigger on Cubase Pro 11. I ‘m curious if this software is good for Recording / mixing in Surround 5.1 or even 7.1? Plus syncing such audio to video? I’m not finding much on the subject although I’ve just scratched the surface. Do I need a certain sound card/ decoder etc? I will be using PC not Mac. If this is the correct software… how would I be able to play my finished product in a live scenario ( video/ audio) ? I have know idea what interfaces I would need coming out of my computer. I’m hoping to make a joint effort with a local independent movie maker in a surround sound .I am an admirer of Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree whom has synced background videos whilst a live band is playing ( hoping to head in this direction) I apologize for asking involved questions…especially for my first post. Thanks to everyone in advance!

Yes, Cubase Pro supports both ambisonic sound for VR and surround sound for film.

Thanks so much Raino!