Cubase 11 Pro Ui randomly loses functionality

I just upgraded my pc to a new platform, from intel to AMD. I have updated all drivers for all devices that are connected to my pc and mobo… but after about 20 minutes the cubase menu bar disappears and all plug in slots lose functionality and have a little red box around em after i click them.

I didn’t have this issue prior to the upgrade. and made the upgrade because my clients and my own projects were pushing my CPU beyond it’s limits causing blue screen and CTD. (intel I7 6700)
The issue occurs on both studio drivers and gaming drivers. however on my old set up the drivers were set solely to gaming with 0 issue in performance outside of the cpu.

My system specs are as follows
B550m pro VDH wifi
AMD Ryzen 7 5700g
Zotac 3060 12gb
32gb ram
I also use a 4 monitor set up. which also wasn’t an issue prior

again all drivers are updated and this issue for me is new. None of my settings have changed between the hardware swap and I have reinstalled cubase now twice.

Repro Steps:
Launch cubase
open project (new or old)
add audio (record new or drop in from file)
add plugins
adjust mixer
Wait for some time
Observe user interface

Solution- Transparency effects were turned on in the windows settings menu

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