Cubase 11 Pro - Video freezes on Playback

I import a video into Cubase 11 but it freezes on playback while the audio and timeline continue on.
I installed QuickTime player while I was with 7 Pro and it solved my playback issue but I can’t seem to resolve this for 11

Side note: This video plays back flawlessly on Cubase 7, where I ended up writing for the project in, at the end.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you please provide more details? What operating system do you use? What video format and video codec do you use?

Hi Martin, thank you!
I’m on Windows and the video format is mp4.
and as for cedecs, I don’t know. How can I check that?

Make sure your video is smaller than 1920x1080 pixels and its frame rate lower than 30 fps.
Codec for mp4 must be H.264 (or H.263).
To find the codec of a video file on Windows you can use MediaInfo