Cubase 11 pro w/ audio interface problem

I have a behringer umc22 audio interface. I am running windows 10 on a 64 bit system. I downloaded the ASO4All driver, it gets recognized with the program, i want to record vocals and acoustic guitars with a mic and also direct input my guitar. My interface has 2 channels, and phantom power is on. I’m used to pro tools so this is new to me. I’m having trouble setting up the input/output bus’s. When I do get a signal, its very low and playback comes through my laptop, not my headphones. Can someone explain this to me? The videos on youtube are not helpful as cubase 11 pro seems to be a little different in the drop down menus from pervious versions.


Indeed, it seems that there is a routing issue, on your end. This said, I’m not an Asio4All specialist, as I never had to use it, though apparently required for the URC22.

So, could you post here screenshots of the following panels or, if not possible, list what’s in them, especially the already existing busses and their configuration ?

  • Studio>Studio Setup>Audio System (which ASIO driver is selected and what ports are listed in the sub-panel dedicated to it ?)
  • Studio>Audio Connections>Inputs
  • Studio>Audio Connections>Outputs

I too am having difficulty. I use a behringer UMC404HD, and my audio will not record. It works with the macs voice memo app, so it isn’t an issue with computer or interface, and the interface works fine with all my plugins. It’s driving me mental, as I’ve created and am using proper mono busses. Any help is appreciated.

  1. Same issue for me: New MacBook Pro M1 ; both Cubase 11 LE and Pro , Behringer AudioInterface UMC404HD: Midi is fine - Audio recording is not possible. No Stereo In.

  2. Furthermore: Guitar plugged in to INPUT1 , I can hear in my studio monitor. INPUT2,3,4 not recognised.

UMC404HD works fine with Garage Band - no problems. So it must be an issue between Steinberg and Behringer!
I have tried everything within Cubase and Mac system : tone or audio-midi setup. No success.
I have even tried to create a new ‘Hauptgerät’ in - no progress, either.

Does Steinberg want me to buy another audio interface :slight_smile: ?