Cubase 11 Pro with UR44 Microphone recording problem

Hello everybody,
I am using a UR44 interface together with Cubase 11 Pro on a Windows PC. I currently have the problem that I am trying to record with a Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 microphone. I use input 1 on the UR44 and connect the microphone with an XLR cable. I have to turn up the gain of input 1 almost fully so that I can record a very quiet and noisy signal. If I connect my bass or guitar to this input, I get nice, loud, clear recordings. what am I doing wrong here?

Random things I would quickly try out:

  • Other inputs. 2, 3, 4. Is it the same?
  • Other cable. Maybe this one’s shot?
  • Other microphone.

Ohter inputs are the same. I have currently only this (cheap) microphone available.
The difference to the bass / guitar recordings is enormous, so I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I’ve already looked at some youtube tutorials and can’t find the error. Could it be because of the microphone?

It could very well be the microphone. From what I’ve seen it’s a SM58 clone, that means it’s a run of the mill dynamic microphone, so no phantom power, switch of the 48+ if it’s on (not that it makes a difference if your cables and microphone are in working order).

When you insert the bass or guitar jack, the UR44 probably auto-switches to Hi-z. Think of it as a different pre-amp mode. So in that case, everything works ok.

Just to confirm, is the mic cable XLR->XLR?

yes the cable is XLR → XLR, phantom power is off.

Hm. Then the prime suspect is cable, and then microphone.

I have two of these cables and I testet them today also with my monitor speaker and the worked well. I think microphone is defective. I think it is time to invest into the real SM58, would you recommend the microphone?

Then it’s probably the microphone.

I would definitely suggest both the 57 and the 58 depending on what you want to record more often. They’re probably the most heard microphones ever, you can’t go wrong with them. SM57 and SM58 are 95-ish Euro (each), SM 57 Beta is 130-ish, SM 58 Beta is 140-150 ish.

All of the above are fairly standard microphones, that I would be surprised if I didn’t spot even one of them on any stage. Oh, and they’re fairly indestructible.

Thanks again for the help. I will then postpone my recording session again, I think I can also buy an SM57 or SM58 online, that will be faster.

Greetings from Germany

I think you do have a dud mic there but I can say the XM8500 is a pretty good cheap mic and I have used 2 for about decade without issues but yes if you have the Geld probably fork out for a Shure.